Russia Wars between 1900 and 1909 question #russia

David Syner

wondering if Jews served in any of these Russia wars?
  • Persian Constitutional Revolution?
  • Russian Revolution of 1905?
  • Russo-Japanese War?
  • Rebellion in Guria?
  • Boxer Rebellion ?

    My GGGgrandmother Fanny SALOWEI / SALWAY / SOLOWEY (changed to GORDON) came here in 1909.
    her husband JENHE / JULIUS/ZOLIE (ZELIG)/ GOLIE/YUSSI Last name: SALOWEI / SALWAY / SOLOWEY had already died in the Red Army.  between the last children born (1900) and her arriving in NYC as a widow in July 1909.  

    yadvashem has a list of Jews in the Red Army, 1941–1945 on there website.
David Syner


My grandfather, from Vinnitsa (now in Ukraine), served in the Russo-Japanese war.  He was shot and had a bullet in his leg for years. 

Gary E. Levin


Jews served in the Tsar's Russian  Army before October Revolution in 1917. They served in Russo-Japanese War. 
The famous Israel hero Trumpeldor lost his arm in this war.

 The Red Army was  established in January 1918.

Lara Tsinman



My great uncle Salomon (for whom my father was named) also served in the Russo-Japanese War where he died.
Ruth Chernia
Toronto, Canada
searching for
TSCHERNIA of Copenhagen, Denmark, & Genichesk, Kherson Oblast, Ukraine
SHLAMOWITZ/SZLAMOWICZ/BIRENCWEIG of London, England; Lodz & Jezow, Poland
SEIDLER/ZAJDLER/LANDAU of Lodz & Sulejow, Poland
ROSENFELD of Raków, Kielce, Poland
SHKOLNIK/TICK[ER] of Ladyzhyn & Bershad, Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Esther Brill

My mgf served in the Russo =-Japanese war after which he emigrated to America so his children wouldn't have to.  In an "Appointment in Samarra" type of thing one of his sons joined the Seabees during WWII and was stationed around the Sakalin Islands.  He came home with some PTSD
Esther Levine Brill
searching Jablonski, Szczuszyn, Grajewo; Icko Lewin married to Slate Goldberg in Bialystock