Link between the Goggers from Frankfurt and the Gokkers from Amsterdam ? #germany


I think that I found the link between the Goggers from Frankfurt (and more precisely my ancestor Hindle Googers who died in Frankfurt in 1770 spouse of Moses Seligman Oppenheimer Heidelberg from Frankfurt) and the Gokkers from Amsterdam. .
By trying to read the Ele Toldot family sheets related to Hindle I believe that she is a descendant from the Gokkers family from Amsterdam and in particular Aron Abraham Polak Gokkes. I believe there may be a link too with the Levie Drukker family from Amsterdam
I am not a novice anymore in Genealogy but I have difficulties reading all the abbreviations of ele toldot and would be happy if someone could check my analysis and point out mistakes so I can share the result more widely.
Thanks in advance
Joelle Meyer from Paris
Looking for ancestors in Emden, Groningen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Furth, Stuttgart etc..
My main tree is on Myheritage with the link below to Hindle.