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Joseph Lonstein

I found the linked three-page last will and testament in the Budapest city archives, written in German, but the handwriting is making it very difficult for me to read.  The first page article B mentions 10,000 kroner each to my great-grandfather Isidor and his two sisters; they are mentioned again in article 7.  I believe the Ignacz Klein who wrote the will was their uncle, who died in 1920.  I'm hoping it states his age, place of birth, and especially his relationship to the numerous other people mentioned.  I think a sister of his named Berta Kohn may be mentioned in article C.  Anything about his wife or children? The Regina Klein mentioned in article 5 I know was his mother - but any thoughts why she (or her family fund) referred to there as grandmother?  Maybe her family fund was set up for her grandchildren, and it's not referring there to the deceased son's relationship with her?

Thank you!

Joe Lonstein
East Lansing, Michigan, USA

Michel Bandura

Hello Joe 

i had the same problem with the diary of my Aunt who perished in Auschwitz 

i tried to read your 3 pages but I could only read a little as it is written in the old German “Kurent” alphabet 

i found a long time ago a lady thru the web in Germany who upon payment made a good job of it translating it into the modern German alphabet 
good luck 


Michel Bandura
Wien / Österreich 


Before trying to find a paid translator, I suggest posting the pages to jewishgen's ViewMate (, in the "translation German" category.  For the best chance of some help, put each page into a separate post, explain that this is "page 1 of 4", "page 2 of 4", etc., and include the link so that helpers can look at the original URL directly.

Good luck!
Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA


Here is my transcription of the lower part of the first page and the top of the second:

Als Erben meines Nachlasvermögen ernenne ich meine Geschwister oder deren gesetzlichen Kindern, ich verfüge daß mein Nachlasvermögen under diesen meinen hier benannten Erben in folgender Weise aufgetheilt werden soll,
a) Spiller Ilka, Grosz Rosa, Lipman Berta, bekommen jede Einzelne zehntausend Kronen
b) Klein Regina, Klein Ettel, Klein Isidor bekommen jede Einzelne zehntausend Kronen
c) Meine Schwester Berta Kohn bekommt 75 Stuk[?] sage[?] Sibzig fünf Eskomptbank Aktzien ad b)
d) Meine wohlhabende Verwandte Klein Gyula, Dr. Nago Lajos, Ballasa Aranka, Anyos Malvin, Löwy Ilka / bekommen Zweitausend Kronen jeder einzeln als Andenken zur Verwendung  eines Geschenkes

Miles Rind
Seattle, Washington, USA