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Searching for Maria Kovacs z'l, my birth mother who lived in Montreal Qc and believed to have also lived in Windsor Ont.

She was born on August 7 1922, in Csömödér, Hungary.

She emigrated to Halifax, Canada on April 1949,  from a DP camp in Italy on the  SS Nea Hellas.

I obtained from ITS BAD Arolsen, the names of the DP Camps and the passengers manifest.

She was bilingual speaking both Hungarian (her first language), and English.

I met with a rabbi at Maimonides who told me she also spoke Yiddish.

Maria worked as a domestic for several families in the Montreal and Windsor,  Ontario areas.

It was understood that some of the families who employed her were Jewish.

Possibly Hungarian Jews whom she could speak with in her native tongue.

On July 16th 2003, she passed away at the Jewish Geriatric Center, Maimonides, in Montreal . She is buried in the Jewish section of Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Laval, in the King Edward section. Funeral services were held at Paperman & Sons officiated by  Rabbi Michael Wolff of Maimonides.  

Thank you so much for helping me.

Carole Binette
Québec Province, Canada


Hello Carole.

What exactly are you looking for? Please expand your query.


Shosh Eizenshtein, Toronto 

Carole Binette <carolebinette00@...>

You are right,my request is not very clear.

I am sorry, my language is French.
For many years, I am looking for people  who knew Maria Kovacs to anwser to my questions:
1. Why she emigrated alone in 1949?
2. Why it is written on the passengers manifest: Roman Catholic.
3. Why she is buried in a Jewish Cemetery, and she spoke Yiddish.?
4 What kind of life she had in Hungary, Montreal and probably in Ontario.
5. What is the birth father's name.

I participated and I fought many years to ask the Gouverment of Quebec , to adopt Bill 113 : to give adoptees access to the birth mother's name and I received the name confirmation only in 2018. But the Social Services don't give more information. Only the name.
I was born in 1955, at La Misericorde Hospital, in Montreal, French and Catholic hospital, and she gave me the name: Maria Augusta Taylor.
Is the father's name, is Taylor, Tailor??? Or a fictitious name?
I hope it is more clear, please don't hesitate to contact me for more details.

I appreciate so much your concern.
Carole Binette
Québec Province, Canada


Do you have a picture of her grave? That might tell you her father's name. You can ask the cemetery to send you a picture too.

She might have been afraid of saying she was Jewish on the manifest. Maybe she was a single mom too?

I do urge you to take a DNA test on Ancestry and upload the results on Myheritage, Gedmatch and FTDNA. You can open accounts for free. 

Good luck!
Shosh Eizenshtein, Toronto 

Carole Binette <carolebinette00@...>

Thank you very much  for your response.
If you check my post you are supposed to see a picture of her grave.
No father's name.
Yes I did DNA test with FTDNA, Ancestry, 23&me and My Heritage.
Unfortunately I have few matches and my best match is only 94cM!
My story is mystery!!!

Kind regards,

Carole Binette
Québec Province, Canada


Would the cemetery have a contact person either from the nursing home or the acquaintances they can provide OR maybe you can write a letter and have cemetery send to them?

Shosh Eizenshtein, Toronto 


Dear Caroline                                 18th November 2022

My thoughts;
I wonder if family name Kovacs may have been KOHN?  Cohn? etc?
I wonder, does the DNA indicate any Jewish roots  or not?
I wonder-do you know who was her Maria Kovacs   Mother/ Father?  -where were they buried?

It is my understanding--
that at the time of her Burial-
The relevant Beth Din- must of made enquires
before allowed Maria--
I wonder Miriam? Kovacs being buried in a Jewish Cemetery

I would suggest--attempt to research all burials and birth in CSOMODER --
or in the National/Regional--nearest to Csomoder or  National/Budapest Archives.

Wishing you success.

Should you need and translation from Hungarian to English
Please feel free to e-mail me :paveanyu@...

Kind regards
Veronika Pachtinger
London UK

On Mon, Nov 14, 2022 at 04:06 PM, Carole Binette wrote:
Familysearch has Death records from Csömödér for the years 1922-1980 and marriage records for the years 1922-1951
I browsed Deah records for the years 1922-1933. All those named Kovacs were Roman Catholic.

Jacob Shayzaf, Israel