Seeking information on Marks family from Ruda

Yakov Marks

"I am seeking further information regarding my paternal grandfather Ernest -Elisha Breitbart's mother Judit Marks's family, the family of Saul Marks from Ruda.(as noted in the records)
What I do know, and found in records, Saul Marks had been married to a Ruth Rebecca Liebling(?) and had five children: Nucham, Nathan, Meyer, Judit and Bessie ( Leon Green).
My grandfather was born in the Jewish Shtetl Babuchów, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Ukraine in 1881.
His father was Natanel (Sanna) son of Moshe Breitbart.
After the death of Judit, Saul Mark(s) remarried Fannie Brietbart who was Natanel (Sana's) aunt.
I would appreciate any information
Yakov Marks