ViewMate Transalation Requests French and German #translation


I have posted the following three vital record requests two in French and one (i think) in German to ViewMate.

They are as follows:

1. The marriage record, in French, of my 4x great grand Uncle Moyse Dreyfus and his wife Jeanette Baehr.

2. The marriage announcement record, in French, of the same couple.

3. What I believe is the death record of my 5xGGF known as Joseph Moses Levy or Israel Moses. I am not positive, but I believe that the language is German.

Thank you so much in advance,

Jed Brickner

Dominique Anderson

Both French documents are too blurry. I can accurately guess some words, but not enough to come up with a reliable translation. Do you have any way of getting a clearer copy?
Dominique Anderson 
Charlottesville, VA


Hi Jed, 

I'd like to relate to the death certificate written in French Alsace in 1796. This was before 1808, when the Napoleonic law imposed all Jews to choose a fixed family name. 
So, before 1808, Jews without fixed family name used the name of their father as family name. And at each generation the family name changed. 
This explain why the deceased person is called Moses JOSEPH and his declaring sons are called Joseph MOSES and Isaac MOSES.
 The death certificate is from Gundershoffen. So I went to look up the Census of the Jews Tolerated in Alsace of 1784. There are 8 Jewish households then in Gundershoffen. Usually the numbering reflects some seniority order. 

Household #2 is from Moyses Levy. Household #6 is from Joseph Moyses and household #8 is from Isaac Moses.
Those could the same people appearing in the death certificate. This leaves as a question mark, why the surname Levy migjt have been omitted.

In your message you also mention Israel MOSES. It turns out that in household #2 there is an unmarried son name Israel.

Interestingly household #1 is from Kobel Levy who has two unmarried sons, Joseph and Moyses. They could also be related to the family you are researching. 

To go back one or two generations, it would be useful to look at the list of Jewish wedding contracts from Alsace recorded by André Fraenkel.

Best regards, 
Laurent Kassel 
Moreshet, Israel