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Odeda Zlotnick

Hi Ittai,
I know you know some Hebrew, so you may find help on this site:

הוצאת תעודת פטירה (הליך) – כל-זכות (

This is a google translate version of what they say - there are links in the original:

If the application is submitted by a person who is not a first degree relative of the deceased, one must personally go to one of the Population and Immigration Authority offices and submit the application form, together with a letter with the reasons for the application or a power of attorney from the family members

The ID number is the system's way of making sure the physical documents are being sent to the requester's registered address.  Those who checked the links will have noticed that nowhere are you asked for the address the certificate should be sent to.

And it seems to me that those who can't go  personally go to one of the Population and Immigration Authority offices have to go personally to a consulate and hand in the requested documents.

Odeda Zlotnick
Jerusalem, Israel.

Odeda Zlotnick

Another thought, for both Mike and Ittai:
Have you considere searching Home - Israel Genealogy Research Association for those peoples marriage certificates? If they married in Israel, before 1948, you could find info about the parents, and their professions.  All you need is the names.
Odeda Zlotnick
Jerusalem, Israel.

Ittai Hershman

The forms in both Hebrew and English seem to require the national ID number (מספר זהות).  Has anyone here succeeded in obtaining a death certificate without one, and have any advice?

My sole interest in going through this process is to discover the name of the deceased's mother.  The death occurred in 2002 and I have visited and photographed his grave in Ha'Yarkon.  His only son is also deceased (not in Israel), so I would front-end his grandchild who doesn't have the Hebrew skills to apply if I knew this would succeed, but am concerned this is a bureaucratic minefield without the ID number.

Many thanks,
Ittai Hershman

Yakov Marks

Should anyone need an Israeli Death Certificate here is the contact info:
Population and Immigration Authority Central Contact Center
In Israel *3450
Dial from a landline: 1-222-3450
Dial from abroad: +972-2-6294666
Email: info@...
and the link to the website for requests is:
Yakov Marks

Odeda Zlotnick

Was he an Israeli citizen, or resident?  Is she?

According to the online form:
Request for Death Certificate (
The certificate will be sent to your address as it appears in the population registry within two business days of submission.
And your cousin, if she is registered in the population registry can get an extract of the registration through here
Get a population registry extract | Population and Immigration Authority (

If your cousin is not registered, they had nowhere to send the certificate.
If she never bothered to update her registered address - ditto.  The address they have for her appears on her ID card.

If she is correctly registered -- do you know how proficient she is at filling internet forms? Can you help her via Zoom and screen sharing?

I had no problems requesting and receiving the certificates for my parents -- but their deaths were far more recent than 1963.

Odeda Zlotnick
Jerusalem, Israel.

Sherri Bobish

Hi again Mike,

Was this an American citizen?

U.S., Reports of Deaths of American Citizens Abroad, 1835-1974

I once found in this database information about an American who passed on in Israel in the 1970's.  The report that I saw on the person I was searching gave a lot of information, and referenced the death cert (which was a separate document not included in that particular file.)

Hope this helps,

Sherri Bobish

mike yesnes

From: Mike Yesnes

Israel/Death Certificate Request

Discussion Group,

Looking to obtain a death certificate copy for a person who died in Israel in 1963.
Have a cousin who lives in Israel who filled out the applications from the Israeli Population & Immigration Authority.
Filled out in Hebrew during the first week of May 2022.
The person who died in 1963 is her grandfather.
She has not received this death certificate and it has been 6 months.
After contacting the Israeli Population & Immigration  Authority for the status on this d.c. request, was told to contact the Consular1 General Office of Israel in the
United States at office closest to me.
I contacted the Chicago office, after several e-mails, received no satisfying answers there either.

Anybody have successful experiences they would like to share on obtaining a death certificate from Israel?
Would appreciate your advice.

Thank you.


Mike Yesnes