Baby who died in hospital likely in Austria #austria-czech

Sharon E Siegel

I have documents that show my mother-in-law and father-in-law (Israel and Anna (Chana) Rzezak coming through Vienna in November of 1945, with their infant daughter Rosalia Rzezak. Only Israel and Anna boarded the Marine Perch to U.S. in May of 1946.  Anna told us before she died that she had a baby girl with a mastoid in her ear who died in great pain in a hospital.  She revealed that she herslef, having endured horrors in the years and months before this (in Lodz Ghetto, in Auschwitz, and in Siberian logging camp -- the through Uzbekistan areas trying to survive but very ill, spend time in a sanitarium after the death of her baby girl.  Anna lost most of her family, murdered in Lodz or other locations.  Israel lost a wife and two children in Lodz or other areas before meeting and helping Anna later in the war.

Anna told us that sanitarium she was in was a former vacation home of Hitler, surrounded by mountains and had gold fixtures inside.  She thinks maybe the Alps area.

I've been trying to find hospital name/records for Rosalia Rzezak.  I've been trying to find the sanitarium  name and records.

Can anyone help?  Thanks, Sharon Siegel
Sharon E. Siegel 
Port Jervis, NY USA