looking for Susskind family Germany/Holland #germany

Paul Beek

Hi all

Am looking for members of the Susskind family, partly living in Germany and Holland
Earliest known ancestors

 Alexander Susskind and Albertina Bytinski / Bylinsky...??)

Known chiled so far son Eugen Susskind 10.10.1873 - 10.2.1943, he married a Hedwig Susskind, maybe a cousine.

Born Stuttgart, 20 dec. 1877, Probably died March 1943 (??), am also looking for her parents.
She last lived in Berlin and was deported on the 34th East Transport on 4.3.1943 to Auschwitz

They had a daughter Marianne Margarete 
Rosen-Susskind, born Stuttgart 1904 who married Rudolf Rosen (1898), they had daughter Hella Emmi, born 1935, unsure Berlin or Amsterdam. Margarete and Hella were killed in Sobibor or maybe Auschwitz, deported 8-6-1943 from Westerbork.Rudolf survived the Holocaust. They lived
in Dutch town Bussum.

with best regards

Paul Beek
the Netherlands