Help with German script REDER birth registry in Czernowitz #translation


I know that the official procedure to such requests is to answer on ViewMate.  However, if I do this, others will see that there is a "response" and assume that it is a complete reply to your request and won't bother taking a look.

I do not currently have a complete response, but I do have some comments/suggestions:


This item is in German.  I suggest that you change the category to "Translation -- German".  

Also, whenever posting an item such as this, it is extremely helpful to include the column headers (in a separate post if need be).  For example, you ask if some names are witnesses.  Without the column headers, there is no way of knowing for sure.  These records sometimes include the name of the midwife, the name of the Mohel (person who did the circumcision), etc.  

To answer two of your specific concerns:

In the entry that begins Hinde Gingold, it says Hinde Gingold, daughter of the merchant from Alt-Zucska, Hersch Gingold and Feige.

I do not see the names Rubel or Luft anywhere.

If you still want the rest of the information, I would suggest adding a new ViewMate post with the column headers, and in your comments say that these are connected to ViewMate image 100519.
Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA


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It shows sculptor Bernard Reder's mother is Hinde Gingold from Alt Zucka.  What does the rest say? Hersch Gingold her father and ?? Feige? What about the columns to the right? witnesses? I am hoping to find a link between Gingold and Rubel [or possibly Luft] in Czernowitz

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