Major new Stryków records extraction projects launched #poland


Stryków, Poland is about 12 miles northeast of Łódź.  About 1,800 Jews lived in Stryków in 1900.


Currently, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland has posted extractions of available Stryków birth, marriage, and death records for the years 1808-1870 and basic indices of available birth, marriage, and death records for the years 1871-1904.  Nearly 10,000 records for Stryków are already extracted or indexed on JRI-Poland’s website.

Long-time Stryków-area researchers will be pleased to learn that JRI-Poland has undertaken a huge new Phase 3 project to supplement and enhance the records currently available, by fully extracting: (1) all available Stryków birth, marriage, and death records from 1808 to 1918; and (2) the Stryków Book of Residents covering the period 1877-1912.


To carry out this major initiative, we have acquired digital images of all surviving Stryków birth, marriage, and death records in the Łódź branch of the Polish State Archives. With your support, we are now looking to produce detailed extractions of all such records in our possession, which span nearly 110 years – nearly 12,400 records in all.  In addition to extracting the already-indexed records for 1871-1904 and extracting the unindexed records for 1905-1918 (many of these records are in Cyrillic, so JRI-Poland is raising funds to have them professionally extracted), we are also correcting and expanding the extracts posted on JRI-Poland for the years 1808-1870.


In addition, we are extracting the Stryków Books of Residents, which covers the period 1877-1912 and includes nearly 1,550 records.  Books of Residents include detailed information about each person living in a household and are an excellent way to identify entire families.


If you would like more information about the Stryków Phase 3 Town Project, please sign up here.  Once you have subscribed, you will receive a full description of the project, explaining how you will be able to obtain extracts of records relating to your family. 


A qualifying donation of US$200 to either of the Stryków Town Projects (the Stryków Vital Records Project for the birth, marriage, and death records or the Stryków Population Records Project for the Population Records Project for the Book of Residents) will ensure that you are first in line to receive your family records as they become available and before they go online.  Full extractions will be added to JRI-Poland’s website only when a project is fully funded, which may take some time.


Details of how to donate can be found here (on that page, please allocate your contribution to the Town Name  “Stryków” (or “Strykow”) and enter “Vital Records Project” or “Population Records Project” as the Project Description). You may need to register a free account with JRI-Poland, if you don’t already have one.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions.


Jeff Wexler 

Los Angeles

JRI-Poland Town Leader