Rabbiner Dr. Leo Pesach Yehuda Jakowlew / yakovlev #rabbinic #lithuania


I am looking for details on:
Rabbi Dr. Leo Pesach Yehuda Jakovlev.
His father's name: Klonimos Yosef.
Probably his origin is from Lithuania.
Lived for several years in Munich, Germany (known for 1915(?)).
Apparently at the end of his days he lived in Königsberg, and ran the Jewish Torah Talmud there (a school for Jewish children).
On 4/30/1930 he was no longer alive, but I do not know the date of death.
That's all the information I know about it.
If anyone knows more information, please let me know.
Thank you.
Dr. Simcha Gershon Bohrer (Ph.D), israel

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Update according to additional information I received from the Munich archive:
Born on December 15, 1867 in Jerusalem(?), to Joseph and Esther.
He lived in Munich from August 1914 to November 1922. But for the year 1921 there is a note that he lived in Königsberg.
Died in Berlin on May 11, 1926.
An article about the death of Dr. Yakovlev from the newspaper DER ISRAELIT, dated May 28, 1926.
Dr. Simcha Gershon Bohrer (Ph.D), israel