Y-DNA study BOHRER/BORER families from Galicia #dna #galicia


I just wanted to emphasize a very important detail:
Everything I wrote about BOHRER from Lizhensk, refers only to the descendants of the following person:
I emphasize this, because someone once told me that there were several BOHRER people in Lizhensk, and it is not certain that they all belonged to the same family.
Dr. Simcha Gershon Bohrer (Ph.D), israel



I am a descendant of FEIWEL BOHRER who lived in GLOGOW MALOPOLSKI Poland/Galicia. (Rzeszów region). Lived approximately between 1835-1916, married in 1854.
I have been unable to find any information on FEIWEL BOHRER's ancestors.
[Note: In the past, the name of the place was only GLOGOW, or GLOGOW in Galicia. The addition MALOPOLSKI was added later, to differentiate between GLOGOW in Galicia and GLOGOW in Silesia].
Because I ran into a roadblock, I started trying through Y-DNA research.
There are many here who investigate the BOHRER branch from Lizhensk, but a Y-DNA test revealed no connection.
I really like to use Avotainu and jewishdna definitions.
Actually, BOHRER branch from Lizhensk belong to AB-044 ( https://jewishdna.net/AB-044.html )
However, my BOHRER family belongs to AB-049 ( https://jewishdna.net/AB-049.html )
In fact, any man whose last name is BOHRER can have a Y-DNA test for a single mutation (SNP), one or more. Alternatively, you can do a Y-37 test (at least) at FTDNA.
Many researchers use YSEQ's service to test for a single mutation.
For example: I am under a mutation called FT369484.
This test is available for $18 here: https://www.yseq.net/product_info.php?products_id=239898 
All people under this mutation share a common ancestor in the direct paternal line, who lived about 500 years ago (he seems to have lived in Poland).
Therefore, if there is a man whose last name is BOHRER who performed the FT369484 test and it turned out to be positive, it is certain that he belongs to my same family.
In contrast, BOHRER's group AB-044 from Lizhensk is under Y15234
(I intentionally wrote SNP that happened 1400 years ago, so as not to violate privacy)
Therefore, any man with the last name BOHRHR who tests positive for Y15234 is almost certain to belong to the branch of BOHRER from Lizhensk.
I don't know of any other BOHRER branches that have done Y-DNA testing, but there may be other different branches. Single mutation testing is good when we already know what the branch is. But, in order to discover a new branch, you must use at least the Y-37 test at FTDNA.
I invite every Jewish man whose last name is BOHRER and whose family origin is possible from Galicia to take Y-DNA tests.
I am available for help on this matter.
For the purpose of the research, I started a group project in FTDNA for BOHRER:

Thank you all!
Dr. Simcha Gershon Bohrer (Ph.D), israel