New #Ukraine Index - Some Strategies. #ukraine

Lara Diamond

JewishGen has added more than 200,000 newly-indexed Ukrainian records,
which is great! But there are some quirks with the data that may
cause you to miss indexed family members. Here is some info on what's
happening and strategies to find your family members hiding in the

Lara Diamond
Baltimore, MD

Awesome Properties

Will Subcarpathian records be transcribed eventually as well,  as part of the huge Ukraine records project?
I am looking for records for Nankove/ Nankif,(  Chaim Moskowitz and daughter Leah)
Also searching for records for Berehove, Velyatin , and other villages in  the area.
Thank you so much for your ànswer. I appreciate the hard work that goes into a massive project like this transcription.
Rachel Malik