Request Translation from German to English #germany #translation

Linda Habenstreit

Recently, I posted five immigration documents filled out in German by my paternal grandmother’s cousins.

I am still seeking translation of the following document::


BACKGROUND: Osias BREIER and his wife, Scheindel FINK BREIER, were living in Vienna, Austria, in 1938-1939 during Nazi occupation. They were trying to immigrate to the United States. They filled out numerous forms that were written in German. The handwriting on the forms and the two telegrams are in German. I would really appreciate it if someone can translate the handwriting into English. 

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page. Thank you very much.


HEBENSTREIT Belzec/Rawa Ruska, Galicia, Austria/Lviv-ska, Ukraine

REITZFELD Rawa Ruska, Galicia, Austria/Lviv-ska, Ukraine

STECKMAN Husiatyn, Galicia, Austria/Ternopil, Ukraine

BACKER/BECKER Galicia, Austria/Ternopil, Ukraine