Searching family connection A ZAGOR or Adolf ZAGONE or assistance deciphering #records #translation


i have posted the following two Viewmate records, both for the NY arrival of my grandfather, Mendel RASKIN into NY in February 1909.  The first is his arrival manifest, the second is a record of his detainment on the same date.  On both records he claims his arrival contact is a cousin (the name is a bit difficult to decifer), A. Zagor (or Adolf Zagone) living at 738/40 E. 5th Street, NY.  I have had no success locating this family on NY census's, nor on any records that follow.  I strongly suspect Mr. Zagor or his wife were related to my grandfather.  If you have family with a similar name which may have resided in NY in 1909, I would greatly appreciate any information you can provide.  My grandfather came from Polotsk, Vitebsk and my grandmother (who was Masha UREN/ARON)  from Bobruysk.

You can respond to me through Viewmate or directly:  lesliegut@...  Thanking you in advance for any information or suggestions.

Leslie Gut-Reiken