Trying to find Ibrány Hungary, in the JewishGen Gazetteer #hungary

Eric Mack

My wife's grandmother, Regina née Schwartz, was born in Ebron, Hungary, according to her US declaration of intent to naturalize, and in Egron, Hungary, according to her "Petition for Naturalization".  We had thought that meant that Eger was her birthplace, but because of family lore that she lived near Nyíregyháza, we now believe that her birthplace might have been Ibrány.

That town does not show up in the JewishGen Gazetteer, even though it shows up in and in a Google search as having had a Jewish community in the 1800s.

Is there another spelling I should try, so I can add her to the JGFF in that town?

Eric Mack, Jerusalem

Judy Petersen

Hi Eric,
     I don't know how to add it to the JewishGen Gazetter directly, but if you add it to your JGFF listings, you just need to provide documentation that it is the name/spelling of the town (a wikipedia reference or one of your Google searches should do) and they will add it.

               Judy Petersen
               Fort Collins, CO

András Alvincz

Hello Eric!
Can you send me the localization application, maybe I can read the name of the place
Could be for example:Ibrony/Ma:Nyiribrony 
Gazetter 1863
Szabolcs County/Szabolcs,Szatmár,Bereg County
Google Transl.

Alvincz Andras


  Can you give a bit more information about Regina Schwartz. Especially an approximate birth year and parents' names if known? Also siblings names and approximate birth years?
  In the Dvorsak gazetteer I found that Jewish people from Ibrony in Szabolcs county are associated with the synagogue in Tass. FamilySearch has the Tass Jewish records for 1852-1895, film 642915, items 2-3. Here is a link starting at item 2: 
Note it says the town is: Nyirtass and is in the province of Nyiribrony. 
A quick perusal of the fathers' and grooms' names shows a number of Schwartz (and other spellings), but I did not see Regina's birth.

It appears that this film has a number of towns in the Nyiribrony province, so it might be worth going through all of them, as well as other films for the province. If you search FamilySearch catalogue for prior and subsequent film numbers (several on each side), you will see more Nyiribrony province Jewish records.

Best of luck,
Larry Bassist


Hello Eric,

Ibrany is in the vicinity (5.3km.) of Tiszabercel which in turn is 23 km. from Nyiregyhaza.

Naomi Atlani

András Alvincz

Hello Eric!
Ibrany /Hungary
During the FS Filming there were several errors.So I suggest you to check the following Films:
FS 4000276
FS 7952135
Nyirobrony province does not exist in Hungary.Both films contain settlements in Szabolcs county
Ibrony: Gazetter 1863-ban is szerepel
Andras Alvincz