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I am so fortunate that in recent months that I’m regularly able let you know about the completion of Yizkor book translation projects and November is certainly no exception:

  • Kuty, Ukraine (Kittever Memorial Book) We would like to thank Rhoda Kuflik who has graciously presented the YB Project with the complete translation of her father's book to enable us to share it with all those with connections to this community.

  • Lviv, Ukraine (Lwów Volume: Part I)  Quite remarkably, this epic volume was completely voluntarily translated by Myra Yael Ecker, with assistance of a long list of volunteer editors. We owe Myra our deepest gratitude for the translation of the book of what was a very significant Jewish community.

  • Ungheni, Moldova (My Shtetl Unghen) This translation project was led by Karen M. Albert who has successfully arranged the complete translation of this community book. We thank Karen for this important achievement.

Over recent years, we have seen a growing interest in our published Yizkor book translations and on a regular basis I am contacted by people wishing to purchase a particular community book. Quite often though, I have to let the respondent know that we have yet to complete the translation of the book and, naturally, we are unable to go forward with the publishing process.

As such, if there is a community book that you see is incomplete and you would like to see it published, we would welcome your involvement in helping see the book fully translated and, ultimately, to see it in published book form. So if this is something you would like to be involved in, I would be very happy to hear from you.

The YB Project, as I have said quite often before, is successful due to the fact that behind it are many, many dedicated volunteers. Amongst these volunteers are our “behind-the-scenes” html team of Max Heffler and Jason Hallgarten who for many years have been converting the submitted translations into what literally amounts to thousands of web pages and we wouldn’t be where we are today without them. Max and Jason - thank you sincerely.

I would also like to make mention of Bruce Drake who, also for many years, has preparing the
Yizkor Book Spotlights which bring our attention to sections of the Yizkor books displaying their uniqueness and importance in learning about life in the Jewish communities that existed before the Holocaust. Kudos to Bruce!

If we don’t “speak” before then, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a Chanukah Sameach/Happy Chanukah.

And now for the details for November 2022:


Yizkor Book updates

This past month, 28 existing projects were updated:

·  Augustów, Poland (Memorial Book of the Community of Augustow and Region)

·  Bielsk-Podlaski, Poland (Bielsk-Podliask; Book in the Holy Memory of the Bielsk Podliask Jews)

·  Bivolari, Romania (Our Town Bivolari)

·  Brzesko, Poland (Memorial book of Briegel-Brzesko and vicinity)

·  Cieszanów, Poland (The Cieszanow Memorial Book)

·  Derechin, Belarus (The Dereczin Memorial Book)

·  Drogobych, Ukraine (Memorial to the Jews of Drohobycz, Boryslaw, and surroundings)

·  Kolki, Ukraine (Summoned from the Ashes)

·  Krynki, Poland (As It Happened Yesterday)

·  Kuty, Ukraine (Kittever Memorial Book)

·  Łańcut, Poland (Lancut; the Life and Destruction)

·  Lida, Belarus (Book of Lida)

·  Lithuania (Lite, Vol. II)

·  Lviv, Ukraine (Lwów Volume: Part I)

·  Markuszów, Poland (The destruction and heroism of the town of Markuszow)

·  Przedecz, Poland (Memorial book to the Holocaust victims of the city of Pshaytsh) [Polish]

·  Satu Mare, Romania (Remember Satmar; the memorial book of the Jews of Satmar)

·  Shums'k, Ukraine (Szumsk, memorial book of the martyrs of Szumsk)

·  Slutsk, Belarus (Slutsk and Vicinity Memorial Book)

·  Sokołów Podlaski, Poland (Memorial Book Sokolow-Podlask)

·  Ternopil, Ukraine (Tarnopol Volume)

·  Tomaszów Lubelski, Poland (The Tomaszow-Lubelski Memorial Book)

·  Tyszowce, Poland (Tiszowic book)

·  Ungheni, Moldova (My Shtetl Unghen)

·  Valozhyn, Belarus (Wolozin; the book of the city and of the Etz Hayyim Yeshiva)

·  Vinnytsya, Ukraine (Destruction of the Jewish Population of the Vinnitsa District- 1941-1944)

·  Volkovysk, Belarus (Wolkovisker Yizkor Book)

·  Zamość, Poland (The Zamosc Memorial Book)

JewishGen Press Publications

Just as I am fortunate to be able to regularly announce the completion of Yizkor Book projects, the same goes for the JewishGen Press Publications and hats off to this team who continue to regularly publish new books. This month two translations of Yizkor books joined the ranks:

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Before ending this report, here are some important links to note:

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Director of Special Projects - Yizkor Books