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Further to my last post back in October 2022 (see here), I am pleased to announce that JRI-Poland has made a huge step forward in extracting birth, marriage and death records from Glowno.

We have now achieved our goal of fully extracting 35 years of Cyrillic birth, marriage and death records for the period 1877-1913. Although there are some gaps for the years 1881-2, 1887, 1905, this represents about 5000 records. 

We have as a bonus also fully extracted available birth, marriage and death records for the First World War years and immediate aftermath 1914-1922, representing just shy of 400 records. As well as producing much more detailed extractions of the entries already indexed online which go up to 1904, this will add nearly 20 years to the indexed records currently available online. 

In addition, we have also produced more detailed extractions of earlier Polish-language birth, marriage and death records covering the period 1808-1865. This makes the basic Glowno indexes already available online, more easily searchable and allows researchers to more easily identify relatives and relevant records. Huge thanks go to our volunteer, Jeff WEXLER, for his many hours of work on this.

If you have an interest in Glowno and are able to make a ‘qualifying donation’ of US$200 towards the Glowno Town Fund, you will be given priority access to the newly extracted records about your family, including a 'family spreadsheet' containing the surnames of direct line ancestors, plus you can request scans of original family records. These full extractions, exclusive to JRI-Poland, are not yet available on JRI-Poland’s website and may not be for some time.

Details of how to donate can be found here. You may need to register a free account with JRI-Poland, if you don’t already have one. In the required fields on the donation, please specify Town Name = 'Glowno’; Project Description or Special Instructions = Phase 3.

If you would like to receive information and updates about the Glowno Town Project, or other JRI-Poland town projects in the Lodz area, please sign up here.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions.

Naomi Leon 
Glowno Town Leader & Lodz Area Research Coordinator (JRI-Poland)


I'd like to clarify:- 

JRI-Poland currently posts indices for Glowno B 1826-33 and M 1826-43, 1846-53, and 1866-67.  There are 669 posted records for those years.

Thus, JRI-Poland has never posted any information for BMD 1808-25, B 1834-67, D 1826-67, or M 1844-45 and 1854-65, and we have 4,091 new records --  in addition to 669 expanded records -- for those years.  Those records have never before been searchable. 

Naomi Leon 
Glowno Town Leader & Lodz Area Research Coordinator (JRI-Poland)