Rywka Wasersztajn born in Sydlowiec lived in Konskie #poland #records

Odeda Zlotnick

All of you information you stated is bases on interpretations of text in documents.
Those interpretations cannot all be right at the same time.
Therefore, the interpretations should be examined.
Resolving the issue is only possible when the original documents are re-viewed and re-interpreted.

Odeda Zlotnick
Jerusalem, Israel.

Relly coleman

A Daniel Wajnrajch was married to Rywka Sztern (no DOB) in 1903 in Konskie.  Rywka died in Konskie on Sep 8, 1907.
In 1908 (no exact date) Daniel Wajnrajch married Rywka Wasersztajn (born Feb 18, 1887 in Sydlowiec) in Sydlowiec.  

Based on the dates I assume Rywka Sztern was 1st wife and Rywka Wasersztajn 2nd wife.

1. Any help finding Rywka Wasersztajn's parents and siblings would be appreciated. 

2. The DOB of two of Rywka Sztern's (1st wife) children are after she died: Pinkus Wajnrajch DOB 1911 and Frajdla DOB 1912.  Both dates are marked 'calculated' on Konskie list of residents.  The DOBs could be miscalculated and are actually earlier before Sztern died and she is the correct mother.  Or Sztern is listed as the mother by mistake and Wasersztajn is the correct mother (the list has aboutgives 11 children some as Sztern's and some as Wasersztajn's).  Any help resolving the issue would be appreciated: is the DOB for Pinkus and Frajdla wrong and the mother correct, or is the DOB right and the mother wrong.?

Relly Coleman