MARCUS & GOLOS Families-UTENA, Lithuania #lithuania

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After more than 40 years of research, I finally learned of the maiden name of one of my Lithuanian great-great grandmothers, Chane Base Berman (c.1859-1 Feb 1933. Utena, Lithuania).
She married Lazar Beryl Berman around 1880 (Probably in Utena- no marriage certificate has come online yet)

Chane Base Berman’s online transcribed death cert of 1 Feb 1933 in Utena, notes her father as Morduchas & mother as Rase-no family name given.


It was only recently that I become aware of the Historical Vital Records of NYC now showing the original Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates for various years.

Luck would have it that 2 of Chane Base Berman’s sons married in Manhattan in 1912 & 1913 & I was lucky that their marriage certificates showed up.

This revealed their mother’s maiden name of MARCUS.


I have subsequently found an 1891 Family List in Utena and I believe that the head of that family are likely the parents of my Chane Base MARCUS-Berman, as the surname, town, names and ages pretty much match up:

Mordkel Shliome Marcus born c.1822 was married to a Menucha Reiza (c.1832-c.1902)

(I believe that the Morduchas noted as Chane Base’s father closely matches the name Mordkel Shliome & her mother noted as Rase, closely matches his wife, Menucha Reiza)


By 1891, Chane Base Marcus was already married to Lazar Berman, so she doesn’t appear in this family list. I was a little concerned about the approximate 7 year age gap between Chane Base & the eldest child noted in the family list, but for the moment this could be explained by

1-    There were no kids born between her & the eldest child in the list

2-    Any kids born could have died

3-    Any kids born in that 7 year period could also have married & moved out of their parents home


The 1891 Utena Family List also notes Mordkel Shliome Marcus’s father as Wulf Marcus


I have been in touch with someone who also has a Mordcha Shliome Marcus at the top of their tree- similar birth years but from Akmenė, Lithuania. They are not the same person, but could be 1st cousins as the nearest connection.  

Mordkel Shliome Marcus (born c.1822) & Menucha Reiza (born c.1832) show the following kids in 1891:

Abram Boruch Marcus (born c.1866/8)- Married & divorced Noima Falkovich

Chaim Leib Marcus (Born c.1868)-Married Reiza Margol

Chaya Golda Marcus (Born c.1871)

Shora/Pesia Shora Marcus (Born c.1877) -Married Jochel/Yechiel Golos


I have found on JewishGen some info on the kids of the above-named Marcus children, but won’t go into more detail for except for some of the children of Shora Pesia Marcus & her husband, Yechiel Golos:

Eliaz Golos (b.1901) married Faja Rappe

Beijla Golos (b.1910) married Samuel Merasz

Mera Golos (b.1914) married Fajwa Kacew (Katsev)


It would be great to hear from anyone who might be connected to any of this family as I am hoping that the entire family was not killed in the Holocaust and that there are living descendants out there somewhere.


With warm greetings from a cold London, UK

Dr Joel Levy