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Carl Feuer

Dear Friends,
Can anyone tell me the date of my great grandfather's death as recorded on his matzevah (attached) in either the Lublin or Łęczna Cemeteries?

Carl Feuer
Ithaca NY

Rodney Eisfelder

I read the date (top line) as 22-Sivan-(5)676 which corresponds to 23-Jun-1916.

I hope this helps,
Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia


22nd of Sivan 5676
According to our (Gregorian) calendar, this corresponds to June 23, 1916.
However, please note that Poland at the time was part of the Russian Empire, which used the Julian calendar.  Therefore, any original death records will list the date of death according to the Julian calendar: June 10, 1916.
Steve Goldberg
Jerusalem, Israel
Sagan/Shagan family from Veliuona (Velon), Lithuania
Goldberg family from Vidukle, Lithuania
Susselovitch/Zuselovitch family from Raseiniai (Rassein), Lithuania