Bielsk Podlaski Yizkor Book translation update #yizkorbooks #poland

Andrew Blumberg

Dear friends,
Since announcing the Bielsk Podlaski Yizkor Book translation project about six weeks ago, volunteers have stepped forward to complete the translation of four Hebrew chapters to English. The translations of four more chapters are in review, and five other chapters have been assigned to the volunteers. Their work is a gift to everyone with an interest in Bielsk Podlaski and it is a pleasure to work with them. You can read the translations from the table of contents, and see the status of the overall project here. If you would like to volunteer to translate, or if you know someone who would, please contact me. 
To increase the reach and potential impact of the translations, I used Google Translate to create links that allow all the Bielsk Podlaski Yizkor Book content on JewishGen to be read in Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian. You can try them out here
The project has had a great start thanks our volunteers. However, the entire project won't be completed in this way. The estimated cost of the translation was $15,000. We need $500 to engage with a translator, but we have not yet reached that mark.  
I hope that you will see the value in, and contribute to, translating the Bielsk Podlaski Yizkor Book. All donations are made directly to JewishGen, which also manages all payments. The entire amount of all contributions is tax deductible and will be used only to pay for translation services. Donations can be made on this page of JewishGen’s website by entering an amount next to Bielsk-Podlaski, Poland. 
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, and please spread the word about this project to others interested in Bielsk Podlaski.
Best wishes for the holidays and a Happy New Year.
Andrew Blumberg
New York
Researching BLUMBERG and KAPLAN from Bielsk Podlaski; LASKOWITZ or LASKOVICH from near Vilna and Bielsk Podlaski; HIMMELFARB from Kovel; KIPPELMAN from Kolki; EIDUS, AIDUS, AIDUSS, and ADUS from Dvinsk; RITZ from Drissa and Miory; GERMAN, GURMAN, GERMAINE, and EDELSTEIN from Skala-Podilska, Mohyliv-Podilskyy, and Sekurani