Lite (Lithuania) Volumes I Translations and Donation Fund - update #lithuania

Max Heffler

The following was posted in 2003. I do not know how much the page rate may have changed since then:

At the end of October 2001, Lite (Lithuania) Volumes 1 ( and 2 ( Yizkor Books were added to the Yizkor Book Translation Donation Fund ( We now have a translator. The first of her translations was just posted to the Volume 1 site and the second is in the process of being added. Please consider donating money ($25 per page) for any chapters you desire. Chapters will be translated as they get funded.

These books contain the history of the villages of our ancestors, villages that no longer exist. The translation is important not only for our genealogical research, but also to provide a link from our ancestors to our offspring.

The Yizkor Book web pages above contain translated tables of contents and lists of names appearing in each of the 1000+ page books. The web page for Volume I contains the list of places mentioned. The Volume II list of places is being checked for correctness. The web page for Volume I also contains a number of donated translations. Please consider contributing to this project. Thank you.

Via the links above you will se that a small percentage of volume 1 and perhaps a larger percentage of volume 2 have had translations added. In the meantime, the translation fund has drained and I am requested more support to continue these translations. Thanks for your consideration.

Max Heffler
"Lite (Lithuania)" yizkor books volumes I & II translation coordinator (and HTMler)

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