Seeking NARA researcher in Maryland #usa

Moshe Berman

Good morning,
I’m seeking a researcher who can look at specific micro films for me at NARA II, in Maryland. If anyone here has a recommendation, or is able to assist, please reach out.

Thank you, 
Moshe Berman
Boca Raton, Florida

Lewis, Megan

The National Archives maintains a list of independent researchers at  One question to ask when interviewing someone you may hire is if they have worked with the specific record group and (if relevant) do they have the necessary language skills.

(Posting this to the group as the information may be helpful to others.)

Megan Lewis
reference librarian, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum


Someone posted this link in another thread:

She is in New Jersey, but she does mention NARA research experience. She might be able to help, or point you to someone?

Good luck!
Martha Campbell