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Jeff Brown

I recently came upon old family papers, in German, dating as far back to 1847. There are military papers from the Franco Prussia War and correspondence from a family member's Bar Mitzvah. This side of the family are Askenazi Jews and I am excited as prior there was an absence of information about my families past.

I should like to create a family tree based on these papers in addition to having them translated. Any assistance greatly appreciated.


Jeff Brown

Dan Nussbaum

Buy your self a genealogy program and enter the data.

Daniel Nussbaum II, M.D., FAAP
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Searching for;
Nussbaum, Katzenstein, Mannheimer and Goldschmidt; Rhina, Raboldshausen and Bad Hersfeld, Germany
Teplitzky, Bendersky and Kaszkiet; Uman, Ukraine
Rosenthal and S(c)henk(el)man; Zinkov, Ukraine
Bild and Kashlevsky; anywhere

Jeff Brown


Thanks for your reply.
Yes, I will seek a program however I first need a transliteration to know whats on the approximate 20 documents I discovered. All I can really decipher, given my lack of German and the quill written crumbling 180 old documents, is that my 2nd or 3rd grandfather was Avraham Lewin born May 23, 1843. See attached.

If there is a service that could do the research and create a family tree that may be the solution.


Jeff Brown     jeffbrown@...
Pound Ridge, NY

Barbara Rice

Hi Jeff,

I am a volunteer with the JewishGen Education department.  JewishGen Education Services can help you with this project.  We can teach you how to build a tree and help you to get your documents translated, doing it yourself, hiring a translator or  using JewishGen's ViewMateViewMate is JewishGen's service specifically for translation; there are volunteers who can translate from German.  There is no cost for JewishGen members.  We can even help you learn to use a genealogy software program if that's the kind of support you need.

Take a look at the description of Personal Mentoring as that is what you would want.

Best wishes,
Barbara Rice,  Minneapolis MN
Researching KUPFERSCHMIDT - Radekhiv Ukraine (Radziechow, Galicia) and Philadelphia PA; ZUCHOVITZ - Stowtsby Belarus and Woodbine NJ; ROHSSLER - Krakow and New York City; REHFELD- Gollub-Dobrzyn; RUSONIK - Polotsk Belarus, Manchester England, New York City and Providence RI.


When I did a search on Ancestry I found Abraham Lewin born 1843.  He was married on 7 Jan 1904 in Berlin.  He died 31 Dec 1917 in Texas. 
Arrived in NYC 26 July 1890.
Lived in Samotschin,  Posen, Germany.
Is this  your family
Ronald Kaplan