Help in finding ALTMAN siblings from Przytyk who vanished in the Holocaust. #holocaust #poland



I appreciate any help in solving the mystery of the identity of two, and the fate of four of the ALTMAN siblings from Przytyk, Poland who perished in the Holocaust.

Abraham Chaim Altman (born 1885 in Nowe Miasto Nad Pilica, Poland) and Frajda Ita (born SZTARK  1887 in Przysucha, Poland) lived in Przytyk, Poland.
They  had 6 children, 3 boys and 3 girls:

Their  youngest daughter, Chanka ALTMAN (1922-1981)  was my wife's mother and was the sole survivor; 
Sadly she died young and did not leave any details about her family and their fate.

We only  know from her that that the rest of the entire family perished in the Holocaust.

During years of research we found out that:

Avraham Chaim ALTMAN died in Lodz Ghetto in 1942.

 Frajda Ita ALTMAN was deported from Lodz Ghetto to a death camp in 1942.

One of the siblings, Herszek ALTMAN, born 1911 either in Przytyk or Nowe Miasto Nad Pilica, was deported from Lodz Ghetto and perished in Dec 1944 in Dachau.

A private researcher in Poland found  in Przytyk town hall the  birth registration of 2 of the siblings:

Mosiek Lejzor ALTMAN born in Przytyk 1913. Fate unknown.

A 1928 registration of the birth of Malka ALTMAN on 15 May 1916 in Przytyk. Fate unknown.

2 more siblings, a boy and a girl,  are a mystery, we know nothing about them, about their birth, their life, their fate and even not their names(!).
We think that  the girl's name was Leah ALTMAN.

Their birth should have been in between 1904 (marriage of the parents in Nowe Miasto nad Pilica) and 1922 (birth of the youngest in Przytyk).

So, the identity and any detail on two siblings is unknown, and the fate of two others is unknown.
For all four of them, we do not  know if they were married, had children, where they lived, where they died.

Just to emphasise, as much as I searched, they are not in the Przytyk, Nowe Miasto nad Pilica,  or the Lodz Ghetto databases.
Not in JewishGen, Yad Vashem, Ancestry, ITS Arolsen, or  USHMM;  Sadly - nothing.

My wife had a DNA test  in Ancestry, MyHeritage DNA and FTDNA - nothing. (unfortunately it was expected as we know that all the family perished).

I chose to publish this message today, not only because of the international Holocaust Remembrance  Day this week, but also because an article written by my wife about her mother and family was published today in "The Guardian":

 The thought that we will never know their identity and fate of the Altman siblings is horrifying.

Any help or advice appreciated.




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David Price researching PRAJS of Kielce/Bieliny; GORLICKI of Chmielnik; KUSZNER/BADASZ of Grodno, Belarus

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Yochanan, your comment moved me. I have previously received advice in such a case from the USHMM that the yad Vashem database is for the martyred and those whose fate is unknown and they recommended that we fill out pages of testimony for such people lost. What has happened in famous cases is someone who is a relative or descendant reads the database and discovers someone thought there was no one left and reunions have occurred just on that basis. And if as likely they were lost, Yad Vashem is struggling to make matzeivot or testimonies on all the six million and esp babies are often only recorded with the identified martyr so they are asking people with any knowledge add these lost ones to the database. It is possible to make a page without a first name or even a gender or age. It's easiest with last name and country which you have and doing this has given us peace. And then we actually did find them in a different way.

Feigie Teichman