Victims of Holodomor #ukraine

Gary Khusidman

Dear Researchers,

I have recently come across a website in Ukrainian listing known victims of Holodomor in 1932-1933.   The website is .  My question is whether the people listed are verifiably victims of Holodomor (meaning that they have died of starvation or malnutrition-related illness) or the list automatically includes everyone who verifiably died during that period.  

The reason I am asking is because quite surprisingly I found my great-great-grandmother Gitlya Barenboym on the list, and I have my doubts that she died of starvation or malnutrition:
- She was 85 when she died, which correlates with her children and grandchildren who also lived into their 80's.
- She is listed as living with her son.  Everything I know about this son (who himself lived until the age of 93) is that he was a good man and would not have let his mother starve.
- That whole side of the family has always been close-knit and extremely capable.  In fact, I would expect these people to be the least likely among my relatives to die during famine.

Thank you all in advance for your answers.

Gary Khusidman
Researching: KHUSIDMAN (Shiryaevo / Odessa)
                      BARENBOYM (Odessa) / BARINBOYM (Khmelnik)
                      MILMAN, PIVNIK / PIVNYK, SHATZ (Raygorodok)
                      SHTEKELBERG (Raygorodok, Skvira, Kishinev)
                      VILGUZ / VILGUS, ARENSHTAM (Kherson)

Wendy Kalman

During that era there was a huge famine -- this woul not have to do with someone being a good person or letting another starve -- but Stalin's policies created this famine and millions died. It may make sense to ressearch the region or town your relatives lived in to get an idea of how badly it was affected by the food shortage. Good luck.

Wendy Kalman
Acworth, GA