Finding a Genealogist for the Vienna Area #austria-czech

Debbie Giliotti

Hello, my parents were born in Vienna in the late 30’s. I am going to be visiting Vienna in a few months. I would like to hire a genealogist who specializes in the Vienna area who can research and hopefully discover the addresses of where they lived and possibly  where my grandparents lived in Vienna. Does anyone have a good recommendation? Thank you. Debbie Giliotti


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Steven Turner

I don't know of any Viennese genealogist but finding the address where they lived is real easy. Jewish records are available at   and if that doesn't work contact 
the IKG at
They are extremely helpful. 

Vienna is such a great city and Jewish researching is not difficult. They also have an amazing Jewish cemetery which is in good condition and has extensive records.

Enjoy and good luck.

Dr. Steven S. Turner
President, Gesher Galicia

Andreas Schwab

The IKG and genteam will not answer your question, because it will give you only vital records but not the address. The information you are looking for is in the residents registration records, which are held by the City of Vienna. FamilySearch has microfilms, but they are difficult to use because there is no index. Your best option is to make a request to the Vienna City and State Archives here:
You can also search the Vienna directories here:
Andreas Schwab, Montreal, Canada


Hi Debbie, 
You can search by their last name to find an address in Vienna by going to (can you local library edition if you don't have it) under the catalog find search
Click to narrow down to "Directories"
Then narrow down to "Europe" then "Germany" and find
Germany and Surrounding Areas, Address Books, 1815-1974
Adressbücher aus Deutschland und Umgebung, 1815-1974

Then select "Österreich" as the City and you will see several options for "Wien" depending on the year. 
You can try to type in the name in the search bar, but honesty just go to the source and find the alphabetically listed names to be sure you don't miss it. 
You don't need to read German, but you may need to brush up on your Gothic script to make sure the letters are familiar to you. You can google your "name" in German gothic scrip to see a comparison. 

If you have Ancestry here is the link to the 1930 Directory 
Hope this helps, it took me a few hours but I had a lot of success pinpointing exact addresses for the 1930s. 
Theresa Koenigsknecht


Steven Turner

The vital records of deaths and marriages for my family that are listen on the genteam site do have addresses.
Dr. Steven S. Turner
President, Gesher Galicia