Judith Diamond. (2002). A Latskova Haggadah #lithuania

Jan S. Krogh

Hello. I would appreciate any advice on obtaining a copy of Judith Diamond's "A Latskova Haggadah" from 2002. Emailing her has so far not succeeded, nor can I find any available copies on eBay etc.

Jan S. Krogh


Barbara Meyers

Regarding Judith Diamond, do you have any idea about her age, 
I had a friend/classmate in high school, class of 1970, with the same name, she is either 69 or 70.  She has been very active in Jewish organizations since I knew her and remains the same I've been told.
Judith grew up in Paterson, NJ.
Judy married a rabbi, her surname has been Judith (Diamond) Greene for many years.
If you can get a bit more info about your Judith I can do my best to connect you with her.
Barbara Klein Meyers 
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Jan S. Krogh

Many thanks, this name is clearly shared by many women.

Without revealing too much private information, in 2002 the Judith Diamond I'm looking for was living in London. She is a member of this JewishGen group and keeps a UK email address.
The book's full title is A Latskova Haggadah: The Glück, Epel, Neipris and Nachemson Families and their Descendents in Latskova, Lithuania, and Sweden, Denmark, England, America, and Israel, 1800-2000. London: self-published.

She has also authored
Laos (1989) and Solomon Islands (1995).

Jan S. Krogh, Vilnius, Lithuania

J.R. Silver

Yes, the Judith Diamond lwho wrote 'A Latskova Haggadah' lives in London.
I am in touch with her. She is aware of your request.
Please see my private reply for contact details.

Judith Silver, London, UK