On why, if your ancestors were from Lithuania & the Surrounding area, you should visit that area #general #lithuania


You should also go to the archives in Vilna and Kovna.  Tell the archives beforehand what towns you want to research.
And two reasons to go.

You get the feeling of the places where your ancestors lived.  It’s indescribable.

And when you see and touch documents where your ancestors were present when they were drawn up, it was very moving.
But I am concerned about your question.  Only you know yourself so no one can really answer this question for you. 
Only you can. 

And on the family name “Golding”, my great great grandfather - family name “Pazernov” and changed to “Finn” in Boston - when we lived in today’s Lithuania until the late 19th century - had a sister named “ Yenta” who married a man named Yudel Golding (but he died in 1891 and never came to the US)  “Golding”  they were the same area that your family was from. Yente died in 1915.
Harold Rhode

Marcie Murray

Can you tell me how to access the archives? I'm kinda new here. My people hailed from Lida Vilna
Marcie Murray
Minneapolis MN

Harvey Kaplan


Look for the databases of indexes of Lithuanian Jewish records available on the JewishGen website at: https://www.jewishgen.org/databases/Lithuania/ .
The records haven't all survived or been discovered yet, but worth a try.

Harvey Kaplan

Mordy Golding

Thanks for the note Harold and also others who chimed in. I am definitely going to explore a trip to Lithuania after I’ve done all my research :)

Harold, my 3rd great grandfather was Moses Golding and his father’s name was Leyba which I believe is a variation of Yehudah or Yudel. Moses emigrated in 1891 at around the age of 40 so if Yudel was around 60 or more when he died, it could be an interesting connection. 

In either case, if you do have more information about Yudel, I’d be interested. 

- Mordy Golding

Steve Low

I would expand the topic to ,"Why should any of us visit places that our ancestors came from?"

In 2006, I visited all four grandparents' birthplaces. You can infer where I traveled from the research interests I list below my name.

Yes, I did pursue some genealogical research during my visit and had a few successes. The greatest joy came from seeing my great grandfather's original signature in the town office ledger that recorded his wife's death and thus confirming her name and the long-ago discarded umlaut above the "o" in my last name).

But genealogy was only the frosting on a cake whose main ingredient was my curiosity in visiting the places my ancestors came from, talking to the people, enjoying the cuisine, and appreciating that after 100 years, little had changed. "The Trip" remains one of my life's fondest experiences.

So, to answer the question "should you visit...?” My answer would be,  "Only if you care." If not, use the time, and spend the money on adventures that offer greater pleasure. For me, there were and will be no other.

Steve Low
Lincoln, MA  USA


LOW from Satu Mare/Seini, Romania  (i.e., Szatmar/Szinervaraljá, Hungary) to New York
SCHWARTZ from Halmeu, Romania (I.e., Halmi, Hungary) to New York
WITTNER from Iasi, Romania to New York; Manchester, England; Australia
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