Trying to find descendant of Mandel hero in time for yarzheit, #holocaust

tzipporah batami

In review of events, my mother may she live to 120 and I determined the Jewish rescuers who led her and her remaining family to safety through the Tatra Mountains perished there, alone. We have established his yarzheit rabbinically and we are arranging the very first kaddish his soul has ever had, 78 years later. We found that his children escaped and survived. Unfortunately the Christian part of his family is disengaged from the Jewish side and cannot or will not help me find them so we have given thanks to the grandson but cannot reach the granddaughter who we understand travels and may be in Kisvarda. I do not have her first name or know if she is married. All I know is her mother's maiden name was Mandel. I also know there are cousins in NY from Joseph Mandel's brothers children as they came to USA before the deportations. 

Does anyone have any suggestions how to find this woman? The yarzheit is 13 of Shevat, SHABBOS, Feb 3 to 4. If this story relates to your family or if you can suggest any ideas on locating her please advise. Apparently her mother passed away a few years ago and neither child ever knew true story of what happened to their grandfather.

Feigie Teichman