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Steve Pickoltz

I know this is a unusual request, but if someone can help, that would be great.
My uncle was married 3 times. One wife after 2 years, the other after 4 years of marriage, both died.  Both were young wives.  That is what peaked my curiosity on why they died.  The 3rd wife was my aunt, and I know everything about her/him.
Here is the info on the wives I am interested in-------
#1--- Edith Lipman born Nov 9, 1900 in Vineland, NJ.  Parents were Michael Lipman and Minnie Kleinfield.  Both were born in Russia.  Edith married Harry A Light on Aug 19, 1923 in Phila, Pa.  She died in Aug of 1925 somewhere in Cumberland county, NJ.  She is buried in the Alliance cemetery, Pittsgrove, NJ.
#2--- Mary Ethel Crim, born Sept 14, 1907 in Johnston, South Carolina.  Parents were Joe Walker Crim and Linda Holstein.  Mary married Harry a Light on July 7, 1927 in Phila, Pa.  She died Jun 7, 1931 in Washington, DC.  She is buried in a DC cemetery.
As I mentioned above, I am interested in learning WHAT WAS THE CAUSE OF EACH DEATH, do to the shortness of each marriage.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Steve Pickholtz
Tabernacle, NJ


Those deaths were most likely due to complications of pregnancy - then, as now, a high risk venture.  If death occurred after a live birth, there may be records of a child in subsequent records.  In my research, I have frequently found the record of a mother's death by using the birth date of a child as a starting point and working back in time.
Diane M. Jacobs
Oviedo, Florida

Audrey Levin

I have found death certificates on Ancestry, which will state the cause of death. Some states, such as New York require you to purchase them through the county office.
Audrey Levin

Paul Chirlin

The place I would start is by getting the death certificate which almost certainly has a cause of death.
New Jersey Department of Health | Vital Statistics | Getting Copies of Genealogical Records (
Washington DC Genealogy | os (

Both of your deaths are long enough ago that the certificates are public records. 

Paul Chirlin

angel kosfiszer

Since you have the place they are buried in you may be able to find the death certificates because you have names and you can assume they died close to their burial place.


Angel Kosfiszer

Richardson, Texas


Since you know where they are buried, you may be able to get information from the cemetery. It's worth asking. This has worked for me.
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC