Tracing Szloma KANO, listed in USHMM's Survivors database #holocaust

Avraham Y. Kahana

Hi all,
I am tracing the whereabouts of Szloma (Shlomo/Salomon) Kano, born to Avraham Nuchem/Nachum and Ester Yocheved nee Herszaft/Gerszaft. Avraham Nachum was a first cousin of my great grandfather.
The leads I have are:
1. US Holocaust Museum - Survivors Database
2. A couple of files on him at what appears to be his wife (Sima) and daughter (Nelly) back in 1946, at Arolsen Archives (link below)
One of them mentions living relatives around the world:
I believe I already managed to trace and contact Kano P(hilip)'s family years ago, thanks to JewishGen & JRI-Poland. Indeed, Kano P. is Shlomo's uncle. Am, in parallel, contacting them to inquiring about the English address mentioned.
Trying, in the meantime, to trace descendants of the 2 SWIRC relatives listed (yes, there are SWIRC relatives in the tree. I would not exactly call them "cousins", but they are there).
I am writing hoping I can trace somehow the whereabouts of Shlomo himself. Besides the fact that his residence was, it seems, Rosenheim, Germany, in as late as 1948
Does anyone have experience in tracing Holocaust Survivors documented in 1948 Location in US Zone ?
Thank you in advance,
Avraham Yehoshua Kahana

Mike Coleman

Try the U.S.H.M.M.

They have many documents from Arolsen that have yet to appear on Arolsen's own site.



Mike Coleman    London  U.K.