Krakow 1921 census scans online #galicia #poland

David Ziants

I would specifically be very interested in being able to access a 1921 census that covers Bialystok and neighboring towns and also Lomza and neighboring towns.

My second great-grandfather Isaac ISMACH (who was a widower then) - family name to become DAVIDSON and OSMAN - would have been living in this region with his daughter Dina. Isaac sailed to England (and Dina to Canada) in the middle of 1921, so are not on the early year 1920 nor 1921 census of England nor Canada, but might be on Polish/Russian census records. We have Dina appearing alone on a ship manifest to Canada in May 1921, but Great Britain did not preserve their ship and immigration records and we have not found yet later records of Isaac, although we know he came to England.

Many thanks 


David Ziants

Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel


Does anyone know if the 1921 census is available online for any other cities and towns in Poland?

Shosh Eizenshtein, Toronto 

Abuwasta Abuwasta

Thank you Logan. This census is very important and I found there the details of both my parents families ROSNER and KOENIGSBUCH.

However it is very slow and not easy to navigate. A small tip for those who are looking for names with Ö be aware that it is located at the end of the O letter and not after N . Took me sometime

to figure it out.

Jacob Rosen


Logan Kleinwaks

Krakow census scans from 1921 are now viewable online at To find an entry by surname, first look in the index books with titles like "Indeks do ksiąg spisu ludności 1921, Litery D-F" and note what is written in the "tom" and "liczba" columns for any people of interest (unfortunately, there is no surviving index for surnames beginning with "S"). Then, look in the scans with titles like "Spis ludności 1921, Dec. VI. T 10" where the last number equals the "tom" you noted. The "liczba" number appears on the left of each entry.

I have not had a chance to examine the census closely, and regret that I cannot answer individual inquiries, but perhaps someone else can offer additional pointers for using this source.

Thank you very much to the National Archives in Krakow for making this census easily accessible to all.

Logan Kleinwaks