Emden German records of family who left #germany #southafrica #records

KV Byrne

I am very new to trying to trace my German Jewish ancestory. My grandfathers brother was very good at tracing our family tree to Germany but unfortunately he is no longer with us. I am trying desperately to trace my great grandfathers birth certificate and/or census information in Germany for my mother. I have managed to trace his death certificate from South Africa but am failing with more information regarding his time in Germany and then leaving.

Robert Stein born 10/12/1875 in Emden, Germany died 20/08/1953 in Ladybrand, Orange Free State, South Africa. He was married to Emily Lomnitz born 15/08/1885 in Hopetown, South Africa on the 17/08/1909. Died 17/02/1965 in Bloemfontein South Africa.

His father is either Levi or Levy Marcus Samuel Stein born 1837, Neustadt-Goedens died 21/10/1921 Emden, Germany. From records I have come across he was married to Julie Hirsch born in Pyrmont in 1837 died 14/12/1906 in Emden, Germany.

It would appear that he had 3 siblings: 

Henrietta Stein 1870 - deceased
Max Stein 1871 - 1896
Hedwig Stein 1874 - deceased. Married Max Hertz

Any advice on how to proceed and where to look will be very much appreciated.

Kim-Venetia Byrne