International Holocaust Remembrance Day #holocaust

Eli Rabinowitz


For immediate release on 27 January 2023

by Eli Rabinowitz CEO:  WE ARE HERE! Foundation


The WE ARE HERE! Foundation is proud to announce three new education initiatives in response to the UN International Holocaust Remembrance Day's pledge to broaden educational programs.  These three active education programs promote human rights and social justice through the principle of being an Upstander.
These are:

1. IN MY POCKET Project on the Kindertransport and displaced people, suitable for 9 to 12 year olds, in collaboration with educators in Germany and Scotland.

The project has been further developed for this age group for WA Museum Boola Bardip and other organisations in Australia. These consist of Book Readings with Art & Craft Workshops.

Participants will watch a video and read Dorith Sim's uplifting true story about her escape, all alone in 1939 from Germany, on the Kindertransport. See video below.

Today, there are millions of refugees and displaced people, many of whom are children. This project highlights their difficulties when leaving their country of origin and settling in a new country. They would experience language, identity and belonging issues, the changing of family roles and cultural differences.

 It provides a clear link to what young people from diverse backgrounds could see and face about their ethnicities.

This is a creative and interactive program that inspires children to be upstanders and not bystanders, providing them with the tools to bulid strengths to deal with our multicultural communities.

The workshops are free for participants and educators.



2. Holocaust Teachers’ Resources and Year 10 Holocaust History Curriculum Resources  by Dr Bill Allen, retired Senior Lecturer in Education

Dr Bill Allen's new and comprehensive resources are for Year 10 teachers to use to teach the Holocaust component of the in-depth study of World War 2.

Divided into two sets, the first resourse is textual, with lesson outlines, readings, discussion templates, lists of videos and activities. The second is a PowerPoint that accompanies and supports the textual resources.

These online resources are free.

"Thank you to the WE ARE HERE! Foundation for creating and making their suite of useful and informative resources available for History teachers. The resources have been well constructed and sit beautifully with the West Australian curriculum.   I would strongly suggest that all WA History teachers take the time to investigate the website and look forward to Bill Allen's presentation on utilising the resources at the HTAWA March State Conference."
Catherine Baron
Principal - 
Lakeland Senior High School
President - History Teachers' Association of Australia & HTAWA

3. Handbook - The Holocaust and The Australian and Australian Aboriginal Responses  by Barbara Miller, author

This handbook is a resource for educators and teachers and for upper secondary students and adult education programs in Australia and internationally. The handbook focuses on Australia's response to the events leading up to and during the Holocaust, and in particular the specific responses of Aboriginal political and social activist William Cooper and fellow members of the AAL.

This online handbook is free.

WAH! Foundation chose Aboriginal  William Cooper as their ambassador, a fine example of the compassion of an Upstander. He was a prominent activist who set out against the odds to protest the plight of the Jews in Nazi Germany, culminating in the tragedy of Kristalnacht in 1938.

Success is not always achieved overnight. William Cooper marched to the Melbourne German Consulate on 6 December 1938 to present his petition in support of Germany's Jews. His petition was not accepted. This deed was only fully recognised by the German government in 2017.

"Some say that William Cooper only performed one act of solidarity in protesting  to the Germans' cruel treatment of the Jews. However, I sense that he has become more than a Christian Aboriginal upstander. He has become a symbol of the bond between Jews and Aborigines which was formed through his protest and which has deepened with the commemoration of his actions." Barbara Miller, biographer.



These online resources are offered free of charge to educators and students, as long as the source is credited.  

 To arrange your copy, or for more information, email: elirab@...  

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Dr Bill Allen, Professor Lynne Cohen, Eli and Jill Rabinowitz

WE ARE HERE! Foundation


Points of Arrival - Dorrith Sim (Subtitled).jpeg
Dorrith Sim was one of the thousands of Jewish children who arrived in the UK in 1939 on what became known as the Kindertransport. Travelling alone and speaking little English, she was taken in by an Edinburgh family. After the war, Dorrith chose to remain in Edinburgh. She wrote a book about her experiences and became an ambassador and spokesperson for her fellow refugees.