Przytyk Update on JRI-Poland #poland

stephen cohen

Dear Przytyk Researcher,

I am writing to update you on the progress of the Jewish Records
Indexing Poland Przytyk Phase 3 project. When you search for your
Przytyk ancestry on JewishGen, the results you see are the online
extracts provided by JRI-Poland. Currently JRI-Poland has on-line
extracted records for the years 1826-1861, as well as indexes only for
the years of 1878-1902. I am pleased to inform you that JRI-Poland
does have additional information for the town of Przytyk that is not
yet on-line. Currently we also have extracted data for the years
1862-1877 and 1903-1908. JRI-Poland has the aim of not only indexing,
but fully extracting the full sequence of vital records (Births,
Marriages and Deaths) for the Jewish Community of Przytyk from the
early 1820's through 1908. At present, JRI-Poland would like to begin
work on the full extraction of the remaining 3,100 Przytyk vital
record entries for the Russian-language years 1878-1902.

Przytyk Phase 3 donations to date fall short of fully funding the
1878-1902 extractions. JRI-Poland relies upon donations to employ
professionals in Poland to scan and extract vital records from the
Polish State Archives. JRI-Poland adopts a policy of 'forward
funding', in other words new projects are funded initially from
donations that have already been made to JRI-Poland for earlier
projects. So, if you have already been partially successful in your
online search on JRI-Poland for your Przytyk family records, at no
cost to yourself, then you have benefited from the volunteer work and
financial donations made by the previous generation of researchers.

In return for a qualifying contribution of at least $200 (200 US
Dollars), donors can pick any 10 indexed only records of interest and
we can immediately extract the pertinent genealogical information for
you. Once the Przytyk file has been fully extracted, we will then
rerun the entire file to search for all direct ancestor surnames and
supply you with an updated personalized spreadsheet containing all the
records for your direct ancestor surnames between 1826 and 1908. This
data will be available to you long before it will be available online
at JRI-Poland. If you are interested only in certain individual
records, we will extract any individual record for $25, and $18 for
each subsequent record.

In conclusion, I would like the work of JRI-Poland Phase 3 Project to
serve the needs of the large and ever growing community of Przytyk
researchers. Please let me know how the future organization of this
project can best meet your needs.

Warm wishes,

Stephen Cohen

Przytyk Phase 3 Project Town Leader
Przysucha Phase 3 Project Town Leader
Klwow Phase 3 Project Town Leader
Nowe Miasto nad Pilica Phase 3 Project Town Leader