Lerner Family - Khotin (Bessarabia) District #bessarabia




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Kudos to Yefim and his team for the fantastic coverage of various Revision Lists and identifying other genealogical data.  After going through all of the posted records on JewishGen, I have only come up with:
1.  A photograph of my ggm's headstone.
2.  What appears to be 5 of my gf's siblings born in the 1890's listed in Brichany.  
My ggf was Yankel Moishe Lerner and his wife was Chaya (nee Portnoy).  Chaya's family lived in Kamyanets-Podolsk.  There were (7) other siblings that we know about.  (6) of them emigrated to the United States.  All were born in the 1880's or early 1890's.  The oldest sibling survived the Shoah in Khotin and left for Israel with his family in 1950.  His name was Iona Leib born in 1875 (wife's name was Perla). I have extensive records from the US and Israel for all of them.  All listed their birthplace as Khotin.  Other than the aforementioned 5 siblings, I have found nothing.  Any suggestions?

David Lerner

Dix Hills, NY USA