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Good afternoon.
My name is Bianca Nyseth and I am seeking help with the following;
My grandfather, who has since passed, served in the 84th infantry RailSplitters division in WW2 which liberated 2+ concentration/labor camps, those being

Hannover-Ahlem and Salzwedel, amongst others. Growing up my grandfather spoke at times about his experience going to war only briefly, small stories, and it wasn't until a couple years before his passing that he mentioned that his division liberated camps. That was all he would say. No elaboration, which is completely understandable. I am very blessed to have video footage of my grandfather's visit back to Germany and his account during the war while re-tracing his, and his division's route. Unfortunately that is all of the information I have, as my grandmother has passed as well.


I am inquiring as to if there are any living survivors/victims or maybe even possibly family members that would be willing to talk with me about their lives prior to the war, during, and of course the liberation.


Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I hope that I am able to find this missing link.



Bianca Nyseth


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Deborah Long


My mother was liberated from Salzwedel. 

There are numerous resources on the Internet about Salzwedel's liberation; for example, https://thejewishnews.com/2019/05/14/survivor-and-liberator-meet-after-74-years/  and https://digitalcommons.usf.edu/concentration_OH/6/   All you have to do is Google "Salwedel liberation."  Similarly, you can Google "84th infantry RailSplitters" and find numerous resources.

I have met another liberator, Scotty Ooten of Effingham, Illinois, who may still be alive.

Feel free to reach out to me at DebbieTheTeacher@....

And God bless your grandfather.  If it were not for young men like him, I wouldn't be here today.
Debbie Long
Triangle JGS (Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh/ NC)
Always looking for GALAS and DOBRZYNSKI of Lodz, Poland; 
WEISZ and MUNK of Ujpest, Hungary;
TREIBER and KRAEMER of Dobromyl, Poland/Ukraine

Lewis, Megan

Hello Bianca,

The United States Holocaust Museum has thousands of oral histories, including ones with liberators, available online through its Collections Search catalog, https://collections.ushmm.org.

You may want to also see what materials the Library of Congress's Veterans History Project has, www.loc.gov/vets.  

Best wishes,

Megan Lewis, reference librarian
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum