1890 Passenger List Records for New York City: Arrivals: TAUFIELD #lodz #records #warsaw

stanley goldberg

I was searching for my maternal grandfather to locate his passenger list. I knew the date he arrived, where (Ellis Island) and the ship. this information was based on his naturalization records which I had obtained from the county where he lived (Ulster County in New York.) However I put in a request with the National Archives for the passenger list and they could not find a record. This frustrated me as I had used the National Archives to successfully locate the passenger list for other family members. 
Finally I contacted JewishGen and arranged a one time conversation for a small fee (I believe it was $36)). I received a contact from one of their volunteers and she zoomed with me for one hour. She was able to locate the information quite readily as his record was listed under another first and last name. This was well worth the money spent as we could discuss other issues related to his journey. This helped me complete information for which I was searching.
I hope this may help you.
Stanley Goldberg
Detroit, MI

Marilyn Robinson

*According to his naturalization records, my great uncle, Adolph/Adolf TAUFIELD arrived in New York June 26, 1890. He did not list either the ship's name or the port of departure. Nor did he list a wife's name [I am unsure if he married in the US or Russia/Poland, but her maiden name was Esther LEVINE, (aka MICHALOWICZ, married in 1890.)--she was probably from Lodz & Adolph was possibly born in Warsaw--naturalization record just says Poland].

*Where/how would I find records for ships arriving in NYC ports from Europe around June 26, 1890?

*I looked on FamilySearch [ https://www.familysearch.org/en/wiki/Free_Online_New_York_Passenger_Lists,_1820-1897 ].
M237, Roll 550: FSL Film #1027786 [June 13-July2 1890], does not exist in this collection.
Nor does Roll 549 FSL # 1027785.
* I can't find information on Ancestry either.

* His name was variously misspelled  in records as: YANFIELD, GANFIELD, TANFIELD, etc.

Thank you.
Marilyn Robinson
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Searching for: TAUFIELD (Poland), YUDIN (Belarus)