Weinsteins from Vilna #lithuania

Susan Sorkenn

Jan, in your research did you discover any information about Rabbi Yosel and Zelda Weinstein, my maternal great-great-grandparents? He was a rosh yeshiva, and she was a commission merchant for Polish nobles. A relative was Itzak Ben Moshe Rumsch, from Zezemer, who translated Robinson Crusoe from German into Hebrew. Indeed, the Weinstein family name was originally either Romm or Rumsch. A childless Weinstein relative “adopted” Yosel so he could avoid conscription. I’m hampered in my family research because I can’t find the original surname. One of their daughters was said to have married a brother of sculptor Mark Antokolsky. I think she was Miryam, wife of Moisey, but I can’t find confirmation. Antokolsky descendants don’t know their family history. I’m grateful for any information you or anyone else may have.
Susan Sorkenn 

Geoffrey Weisgard

My wife is descended from the Krell family from Vilna but some of the family used the name Weinstein. They settled in the north of England and some changed their name to Weston. Please do get in touch with me if you might be related.


Geoffrey Weigard

Manchester, UK


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Meryl Menon

Weinstein was my mother's maiden name. Her parents, Joseph and Golda, were from Romania- Roman and Falticeni and migrated to Montreal. I know Weinstein is a common name, but, on seeing this message, I thought I would send a follow-up in case someone in the group sees a connection. Another name that has been associated with the family is Cunea.

Meryl Blau (father's family name) Menon