The Synagogues of Eastern Europe: Past and Present #photographs

Steven Lasky

Prior to World War II, thousands of synagogues stood in the many towns, cities and shtetls of Europe. Due to the ravages of war and the wanton destruction of these houses of worship by the enemies of the Jewish people, only a relatively small number remain. The synagogue was such an important part of Jewish life that their absence has removed a vital part of Jewish heritage that once existed there. Of the buildings that still exist, some have been restored; hopefully this will happen even more so in the future to the fullest extent possible. With such few Jews if any left in these towns, the buildings that were once served as synagogues are now often being used for a different purpose. In some towns, all that stands at a former synagogue site is a plaque, a remembrance or memorial to the synagogue that once stood there....


You can view the Museum's collection of synagogue photos, both pre- and post-World War II. You can find these photos at


Steve Lasky