U.S. visa applications - Poland 1926 #usa #records

Renee Steinig

Does anyone by any chance have a copy of a visa application filed at a U.S. consulate in the 1920s? I'm eager to know what questions, if any, were included about relatives already in the U.S. 
Here's why I'm asking: 
Chaja Frajda Szwarz and her four children left Poland in Dec. 1926, to join husband/father David in the U.S. They each had a U.S. visa, issued in Warsaw 10 days earlier. David had immigrated in Dec. 1920. He was naturalized by 1930, at least according to his 1930 census entry. I'm wondering if his family's visa applications -- if I can even manage to get them! -- would include any information about David's citizenship. It's been difficult to locate the documents, and comments here about the USCIS Genealogy Program's response time have discouraged me from trying there.
Thanks for any light you can shed.
Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

Steven Usdansky

This is the visa application my grandparents filled out to bring my grandmother's parents and siblings tothe US from Poland.

Steven Usdansky
USDANSKY (Узданский): Turec, Kapyl, Klyetsk, Nyasvizh, Slutsk, Grosovo
SINIENSKI: Karelichy, Lyubcha, Navahrudak
NAMENWIRTH: Bobowa, Rzepiennik
SIGLER: "Minsk"

Ronald Killian

I have a complete USCIS Visa file for my great-grandmother Sarah Killian (aka Sura Calian). She filed for a visa in Romania in 1926 to immigrate first to live with one of her sons, Morris Killian (my grandfather), in Syracuse NY, then immigrated a year later to Montreal, Canada to live with her two daughters there. Her first husband, Shimon Zvi Killian, died about 1885, after Morris and his brother were born. She remarried Hersh Cohen and had four children (3 girls, 1 boy) with him, before he died c.1920 in Kamenka, Ukraine. She finally decided to immigrate in 1925 and arrived in the US in 1926.

You can view the complete file, including English translations of the Romanian and French documents, by downloading the file from my DropBox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iux29vixmwz2ee0/Killian%20Sarah%20Visa%20file%206.25.2021.pdf?dl=0    
Other discussion group members also are welcome to download the file. I still am searching for her marriage and other Bessarabia/Romania/Ukraine records.
Contact me if you have any questions about the material.
Ronald Killian
Newton Centre, MA