Lifschutz and Lises and Lipitz and dna #ukraine

david perkins

My great grand mother was a Lifshutz from Ukraine.

Im finding a number of dna matches with Lisis/Lises etc and Lipitz.  Once in awile a Lifschutz pops up along with those other names.

Are these the same or related names??

What do they mean

Appreciate the assist.     



David L. Perkins


David L. Perkins
Perkin and Segan (Belarus, Grodno and Slonim)
Paris/Poris and Seigel (Ukraine/Poland, Bilozirka, Kupil)
Schneider Shnayder Greenberg Litwack (Bessarabia/Moldova, Teleneshty) 
Peterfreund Loeffelholtz  Pippersberg Federbush Englander (Galicia Nowy Sacz Krakow) 
Podolski Lauffer Wahl (Galicia Krakow Tarnobrzeg)