Passing on a 730 persons family tree to my sons -in paper- #general

Alberto Guido Chester

Dear Genners
I have researching my family tree for decades now.
My digital tool is MY Heritage.
However, I doubt if my descendants will take the time to look for my digital archives when my time comes.
I have written a novel on my roots, made a giant chart, etc.
But I still have not done the simplest of things: leaving the info on plain paper.
My Heritage has several reports, but in my case I want to keep ALL the info gathered already, so Ancestor of the youngest relative and Descendant of the eldest leave outside lots of non direct relatives.
Maybe a printout of the LSD file would work better ?
Thanks in advance for suggestions.
Alberto Guido Chester
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Hello Alberto.  
Investing in a desktop genealogy program might be the solution.  You would download your family tree from My Heritage and then upload it into the program.  From those desktop programs, you can print charts and graphs and lists of your family in many different formats.  Depending on your operating system (PC or Mac), you can select the best ones for you.  I have a Mac and use Mac Family Tree 10 for nice reports and charts.  You would want to do some research to find what works for maintaining the information you have already gathered from My Heritage.

Marlise Gross
Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Sarah L Meyer

Hello Alberto,
  I second Marlise Gross's suggestion of printing reports from desktop software.  I use a PC and Legacy Family Tree, which will print ancestor or descendant charts and reports.    There is a free version of Legacy and a deluxe version as well.   Both will let you print reports although I export mine in rich text format (rtf) and the edit them with Word before printing.  
Sarah L Meyer
Georgetown TX
BIRGARDOVSKY, EDELBERG, HITE (CHAIT), PERCHIK Russia (southern Ukraine) and some Latvia or Lithuania


in your will, identify the existance of the records . Where it is, what it was named, your user name, your password.  Unless you have an adult child or grandchild that you wish to leave that info for and you want it to remain private.   Or Perhaps to a fellow member of your genealogy club that you trust.   Some Software companies allow you to leave your tree to a sucessor upon your death /ie grant access.  All researchers eventually visit the probate files. Imagine stumbling across that tidbit!    Also if you have your tree marked private, you might leave directions for it to be made public upon your death, opening up access.  That  is what I have done. You need to check with the provider to see what they recommend. 
Sandra Parker


Hi Alberto
I have put together a family tree and would have liked my sons to have shown an interest. I have circulated several hard copy's to cousins but they are a similar generation, if not older than me. I have decided that I will provide copies (digital & hard) to the Jewish historical society here in Australia & in New Zealand.
David Green
Sydney, Australia

Alberto Guido Chester

Thanks to all who have replied publicly and privately.

What I gather from the responses is that no one believes in a unique way to preserve their hard gained family history.

Most advices propose both mixed digital, web and written solutions for the same family tree.

I will follow these ideas.

Thanks again !