Help needed to understand a comment in Biala Podlaska 1939 census #poland #translation

V Jermolina


I am trying to understand a comment in Polish in Biala Podlaska's 1939 census for my great grandfather's family: Jankiel Lejzor (b 1873) and Mirla (b 1912) GOLDCHAMER of Biala Podlaska. 

The census comment as published by JRI Poland says: "Jankiel i Mirla dn. 29.XI.1937 wymeldowana do Włodawy". 

Is this the date Jankiel and Mirla left Biala Podlaska to Wlodawa or is this the date they left Wlodawa to go to Biala Podlaska (or something else)?

There are Yad Vashem pages for Jankiel, Mirla and Cipa GOLDCHAMER stating they lived in Biala Podlaska. 

I am trying to understand what happened to them and welcome thoughts on the question above, as well as advice about other resources to check to learn of their fate. 

Many thanks,
Veronika Jermolina


Dear Veronika, 

I have jest read your message: 'Jankiel i Mirla dn. 29.XI.1937 wymeldowana do Włodawy". It means that they both left Biala Podlaska and moved to Wlodawa. 
Maybe Urzad Going Biala Podlaska and Urząd Gminy in Włodawa will be able to help you more. They should have some archive departments. 

Best from Warsaw, Poland

Ita Krajewska

James Hannum

I wish US censuses gave out info of where people moved to!  Is this because E. European countries required governmental permission to take up residence in any place, stamped into internal (not international) passports, and so there was a record of where everyone moved to?  In the US, people have always moved, helter skelter and very frequently, whereever they wanted, and the government neither gave permission nor had any knowledge of where they were until the next census.
--James Hannum