Additional Transcriptions Uploaded: 1921 Karpatalja #Subcarpathia Census #subcarpathia

Lara Diamond

JewishGen's Subcarpathia Research Group is happy to announce that an
additional 782 entries have been added to the "1921 Karpatalja
Subcarpathia Census" collection, which is searchable via JewishGen's
Unified, Hungary and Ukraine searches.

Thank you to Ron Donath for coordinating this project and to the
additional volunteers who are helping with this project!

We would love more volunteers to help this project be completed even
more quickly. You just need to be able to read cursive English; no
foreign languages are required. Please contact me if you are able to

Subcarpathia Research Group would also appreciate donations to help
our overall projects, as we also continue to obtain and index vital
records for the area. You can donate to the Subcarpathia General Fund

Lara Diamond
Baltimore, MD, USA