Abraham Miller

Jeff Miller

I'm looking for information on a relative Abraham Miller (nee Abram Mlynarz [Mlinarsch on the ship manifest]) who was born November 15, 1892, arrived in New York on July 22, 1912.He was formerly living and born in Ostroleka Poland, and was married to Ida and heading to his brother-in-law Meyer Cohn, 275 Park Avenue, Mechanicsville, New York.


In the 1915 NY State Census he had taken the name Abraham Miller and was living at 492-494 Water Street, New York, NY, with wife and cousin Max Miller, my paternal grandfather [nee Mottel or Mordechai Mlynarz]. Max was also born in 1892, and his father Abraham Mlynarz, born in 1864, had come to New York in 1904 but returned sometimes prior to 1913 when Max arrived. The elder Abraham died in 1925 in Ostroleka.


In the 1917 World War I Draft Registration Abraham stated that he had a 2 year old child, and was living at 57 Norfolk St., in New York.

In the Census of 1915 he stated that he was employed as an operator dresses, and in 1917 that he worked for Harris & Leiman as an operator.


That's all I've found for him thus far, and my USCIS Search under the Genealogy Program turned up nothing.


Can anyone find any additional information or ideas of where to search? I've tried various sources such as Social Security, Census, and Newspaper sources.

I also hired a researcher who examined various sources in Poland [Ostroleka and Lomza] and Yad Vashem for family information.


Thanks in advance for any assistance.


I'm curious about the relationship of this Abraham to my great grandfather Abraham, and to the rest of my family, as well as to learn what happened to him after 1917.


Please reply directly to me.

Warmest Regards,

Jeff Miller