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Nikki Bossert

I am looking for information on my biological grandfather, Abram Zilberminc. I discovered him a few years ago because of a dna match. Prior to that time, I believed another man was my grandfather. After discovering the paternity issue, it took over a year to figure out his name, but with help from the Arolsen Archives and distant family member trees, I did. Abram was from Dabrowa Gornicza, born January 1, 1924 (immigration paperwork lists 1928). He survived Auschwitz and then lived in the Feldafing DP camp for a while before coming to St. Paul, MN in December 1949 (via Jewish Family Services). There he worked for the Sealy Mattress company as a factory worker. Other than this, all I know is that he fathered a daughter that was born October 1951 and given up for adoption in St. Paul and that he likely met my grandmother in the Los Angeles area in 1960. I have met many distant cousins through this journey, which had been wonderful. I have an amazing family tree for Abram’s family but I really want to know what became of Abram. I believe he likely changed his name but any naturalization paperwork is unavailable until at least 100 years have passed since his birth or I find proof of his death. So I’m putting this request out. If anyone has come across Abram in their research (or in life), please let me know. I’m also open to research ideas, though I have exhausted those for the moment I believe. Thank you! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1J5X_Me8QckUxBT-ewxyonD6xZdpdfC_a

Nikki Bossert


Nikki, I suggest that you take the photograph you have and the information of his name, along with his parents/grandparents and post it on several Facebook groups. 

One FB group is specifically related to this area of Poland (my family is from Bedzin, so I belong). Bedzin-Sosnowiec-Zawiercie Area Research Society. I would also try the Zaglembie Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1693425847564450). It has many international members so if Abram went to Israel, ultimately, he might be known by that group. Others worth trying, though the focus is broader, the audience is larger and you never know: Jewish Genealogy Portal; Jewish Ancestry in Poland; Children of Holocaust Survivors.

Good luck to you!

Michael Danziger